Hello! Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it.

This About page is an overview of what this blog is all about. If you want to know more about me personally then the post My Journey Back into Cycling is most definitely the best place to start.

As far as the Blog is concerned the best way I think to explain it is by breaking it down and explaining the 4 categories:

1. StoriesThis rather broad category will include posts on everything to do with me just riding my bike. It may be a race report on a Sportive I do or a description of a particularly memorable Thursday afternoon ride. Each and every time I get on my bike represents an opportunity for adventure, for new experiences and revalations. All of which are fodder for a good story.

2. Trans Am Bike Race: This category will include posts on everything to do with the Trans America Bike Race. What the race is about, the route, my training and preparations for and my participation in the 2017 race.

3. Random MAMILAt the moment I don’t have a clear idea of what this category will include. Suffice to say I wanted a place to write about the MAMIL phenomenon and thus honour my chosen title for this Blog. As there is so much MAMIL micky taking both verbal and written out there I envisage using this section to defend MAMIL honour whilst reserving the right to poke some fun of my own.

4. Ride Bucket ListThis category will include posts on the rides that I really want to do at some point in my life.

If there is anything else that interests you that you would like me to blog about please let me know, whether as a comment in a blog post or via one of my social media channels.

Again, thanks for stopping by.

Have a great ride,